ENERLOC flips conventional construction up side down.  Instead of measuring, cutting, fitting, fastening and sealing materials on a construction site, ENERLOC harnesses lean manufacturing processes and technology by pre-engineering and pre-manufacturing building components in a high-tech assembly line.  Panels are assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build them on site.  Other efficiency gains include reduces waste of building materials, reduced labor, reduced errors in building process, etc.   This is SO much more efficient than on-site fabrication.

These super insulated panels are lightweight, so easy to move and install and provide many advantages and cost savings when compared to conventional building methods & materials.

ENERLOC harnesses a proven and powerful new technology – manufacturing - bringing construction into the 21st century.  All for the same price or less than conventional construction      We believe the time is come for construction to embrace technology and take a more sustainable approach to building.